How does one ever know if they’re alright?  How do we know when to let go of things?  How to move on? How to forgive? How to forget? When to be humble….when to be kind….when to be firm?
how do you get past feeling self conscious? How do you change something about you when U forget about it all the time? When you’re too lazy to do so? Do U feel sorry for yourself when U can’t something?  How soon is it to learn? How much caring Is too much? And how much too little? When do U know to get help? What if you’re not sure if U even want help? How do you know if someone cares? What if U want them to but they don’t?
All the uncertainties drive me crazy.

Past excitements

Even though I haven’t been on the blog in a while, I will tell you about I graduated with honors and four awards including English which I was happy about because I love reading so much.

Plus I went to prom without a date because who needs one and it was nice but I only really went to look pretty with my friends and eat food.

What I really enjoyed this summer so far by going to this property near the beach called shipwreck with my friends and going color me fete with them as well….it was awesome!

American politics

Everyone hates Donald trump and I do acknowledge that he is not a nice man but if I have to look at my personal opinions instead of the bigger picture, I would vote for trump. Why? Because he doesn’t support gay marriage (same here!) And I do think that all immigrants who don’t have their papers by now should be deported because they are taking up resources and jobs that locals could have. Then again if I’m looking at the bigger picture I would pick Hilary because she’s nicer and she’s just as ambitious…right? Right?


In a world like today  how do U get people to listen? How do you get people to understand where you are coming from and how do you get them to respond?  I’ve done a survey which no organization  took interest in and I had this blog that isn’t successful…I’ve finished school ,graduated in fact and now I’m headed to college in England where I hope Is the beginning of new things and better access to the things I want to accomplish….. I feel like I should shut down this blog and after studying journalism try and get a job where I can post columns In magazines or newspapers about topics that need urgent attention and get better recognition there. I do say thanks to my Canadian  Nana for inspiring me to continue with my goals. Right now I don’t have a voice but soon enough I will.
Xoxoxo T’keyah

An Unorganized government

My country’s fixation with politics blinds them from the true issues  of our society  and the possible solutions to the issues as well.
They do not prioritize the country’s  needs and so we find ourselves  with a poor health system, more deaths and the country being even more vulnerable  to natural  disasters  than before. It only rained for 24 hours or so and roads were already flooding and blocking people from getting to their desired destination.
So does this look like a government  that cares?  The political  parties  throw talk for each other and quarrelled over things like the construction  of a bridge when people are dieing in the hospital because of such poor medical care. At the end of the day who will even use the bridge if the people aren’t healthy?  These are the so called leaders of the country know what they are doing and are using their  “intelligence”. Why teach us topics like budgeting, leadership and organization if at the end of the day we don’t use it? Our leaders don’t use it?
Still we follow them and we vote for them because that’s our “party”. When will we put aside our pride and stand for what’s right?

Birth control for teens?

I had to write a persuasive piece on the topic “should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents.” This is what i wrote:

   In a generation where friends and the fashions of today are more influential than family, or the church, one can only hope that what is being displayed and taught is good. Of course this is rarely the case since we have the issue of teenage pregnancy. So whether or not teenage girls should be allowed to even have access to birth control much less without parental consent is another issue by itself.
   First of all i will have to disagree with this statement for many reasons. Some birth controls may be unsafe and doctors give it to ignorant teenage girls leaving us with yet another casualty where the teenage girl may get sick or worst; die. Of course the doctors wouldn’t possibly know what the pill would have done to that poor girl. He definitely did not do it for the quick cash or the invitation down town when the teenager could not give money on the spot. Oh no they didnt know or did any of those things. This is why young girls will end up dying, becoming pregnant(because they choose to not take the pill) or committing abortion. You still think they dont need parental consent?
When we say teenage girls, we usually mean in the range of twelve to seventeen and so in some countries a teenage girl is a minor until she is sixteen or eighteen. In that way if teenage girls should be allowed to get birth control, shouldn’t their parents be present? For they are not allowed to consent to sex due to their age and so they cannot be allowed to willingly obtain birth control themselves. For at the end of the day who is left to raise the baby, is it not the parents?
    Parents should always be apart of something that big in their daughters’ life. Everything else in a teen’s life needs to be passed by parents first so why cant this part?

Do you agree or disagree? Comment below